Sunday, March 8, 2015

My 30 Before 30 List!

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I first heard about the #30before30 list on Instagram last year. I clicked on the hash tag, looked at some pictures and found out what it was all about. It’s like a shortened version of a bucket list or life list that you set yourself to complete before you turn thirty. I loved the idea and immediately set to work on mine in October of last year, which happens to be my birthday month. That means I gave myself one year to complete the thirty items on my list.

You can make this list with as much time as you like, for example you can make it when you're twenty or twenty-five or twenty-nine like me. I would of liked to have known about this list sooner but I think having a one year timeline is enough so that I don’t feel pressured, and at the same time I don’t slack off thinking I have too much time to complete the items on my list.

I chose to participate in this challenge because I, like many of you out there have a bucket list­­- a very long one. I’m sure I can cross a few things off of that list but when you don’t have a time frame you tend to not go through with things. This is a way for me to make sure that before I turn thirty, I’ll have accomplished some things I will be proud of, some things that will help me grow as a person and also add new experiences to my life.  

Oh and before I forget to mention, if you’d like to participate in this challenge you can do it within whatever age group you’re in. For example, 20 Before 20, 40 Before 40 and so on.

Let’s jump in to my list!

1. See the sunset at the beach.

sunset at south padre island Texas beach bucket list 30 before 30

2. See Maroon 5 in concert.

maroon 5 dallas texas concert adam levine att center bucket lst

3. Travel internationally. (Somewhere other than North America.)
4. Join a club or organization at my university.
5. Start a blog or YouTube Channel. (You are Here! <3)
6. Get my passport.
7. Volunteer for a good cause.
8. Get healthy. (In progress.)
9. Have a better wardrobe. (In progress.)
10. Do a color run.
11. Bake cookies from scratch.
12. Visit Stonehenge in England.
13. Make a wall art piece.
14. Go for a walk at dawn.
15. Go to a corn maze.
16. Watch a meteor shower or eclipse.
17. Attend an art exhibition at a museum.
18. Read 24 books. (3/24)
19. Start a journal.
20. Get a tattoo.
21. Shoot a gun.
22. Redecorate my room. (In progress)
23. Ride a double-decker bus.
24. Tie a message to a balloon and let it go.
25. Do 5 random acts of kindness.
26. Get a massage.
27. Try watercolor tattoos in the summer.
28. Get a tan.
29. Play paint Twister.
30. Try Gelato.

I also wanted to mention a quick tip for when you’re coming up with ideas for your own list. Try to include little things on your list that are easy to do and also include a few bigger things. If you only include really big things like flying a plane, winning the lottery or becoming President, chances are you won’t get to finish your list in the time you set for yourself. It might also make you feel like you won’t be able to complete the list so you might end up throwing in the towel and not doing any of them.

So have an equal mixture of things to do and make sure you take lots of pictures!

What’s on your 30 Before 30 List?

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